School Fundraising Opportunities

JDRF Kids Walk Program

Have your kids ever participated in fundraisers at their school? Of course they have: wrapping paper, cookie dough, the list could go on forever! JDRF now has a school fundraising program that will allow us to tap into that resource better and more efficiently! And, of course, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

Kids Walk FolderThe Kids Walk program is very user friendly and very easy to execute. The National Kids Walk webpage has a lot of information regarding kids incentive prizes, school incentives, execution tips, etc. The best part (that usually appeals most to the school) is that the school receives 10% of what the kids are able to raise! What a great reason to participate! Not to mention, the school has the awesome opportunity to learn about diabetes, prevention, and a healthy lifestyle.

We recruit schools year round, and there is no specified time frame for participation, so download this flyer and contact your school about getting involved today!