Sneaker Sales for JDRF!

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We know you all have unique associations with people from numerous different industries.  The Sneaker Sales campaign is an amazing fundraiser that can be executed any time of year, with any retail establishment that has a high volume of public foot traffic (i.e. grocery stores, convenience stores, fast food/full service restaurants, hair salons, banks/credit unions, etc.).

The JDRF paper sneaker icon is “sold” to customers at the register for $1.  The cashier asks the customer if they would like to donate a dollar to help find a cure for type 1 diabetes.  It’s THAT SIMPLE!  Following the “sale” of a Sneaker, the business hangs the paper sneakers in a visible spot where the customer’s support will be spotlighted (also drawing awareness to JDRF’s mission and brand).  Sneaker Sales campaigns can run for any duration, but we typically try to recruit the partner to sell for 3-6 weeks.  Ideally, we look for businesses with multiple locations, but that’s not a requirement for participation.  Even smaller one-location businesses can really help make up a significant amount of revenue!

I have included two PDF documents below that you can use to present the Sneaker Sales program to your associates.  If you have any businesses interested in supporting JDRF through a Sneaker Sales campaign, please contact the JDRF office at 801-530-0660 or via email at

Thank you for reaching out to your networks!

How to sell sneakers

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