Three Ways Your Child Can Still Have Fun on Halloween, Even with Type I Diabetes

halloween-clip-art-52Contrary to popular belief, having T1D does not mean your child can’t go trick-or-treating on Halloween. Quite the opposite, actually!

It is important for kids to experience this holiday so they don’t feel left out or isolated. But, keep in mind these three suggestions and you and your child will be on the moon-lit road to a safe and healthy night of haunting:

  1. Wait to get home to have candy! Portion control is key; let your kids have a handful of candy, and keep limits on what they can have on the days after. This way it’s easier to regulate how much candy they are eating, and they will be SO happy to be indulging in this special occasion.
  2. Make Halloween less about candy and more about the costumes & decorations! To take your child’s mind off of all the candy help them plan their costume and elaborate jack-o-lantern carvings. Even arrange a party with lots of games to help keep their mind off of all the sweet temptations. These diversions are fun for the whole family.
  3. Keep an eye on your child’s blood glucose level! This may seem like the obvious step, but its important to remember to keep whatever diabetes supplies you need on hand when going trick-or-treating and check before you go trick-or-treating, at home after they’ve eaten their treats, and before bed.

With these three tips, you and your child will have a fun and happy Halloween night!